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Luncheons have been replaced with brunches for the same ladies' group.

Below are pictures from recent brunches.. Weather permitting, some were outdoor events.

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                                   FALL   THEME                                                                                                   WINTER   THEME


               Harvest Moon was our theme with a layered salad in a                                         Candy cane stripes were our theme for this brunch. We

                    canning jar, flat bread, and a parfait dessert.                                                          had confetti eggs, sausage balls, and coffee cake. 

                      VALENTINE  THEME                                                                                SPRING  THEME


                Love Boats were the theme.  Seafood Quiche was                                             Flip Flops were our theme.  We had flip flop plates,

                served. with miniature cherry cheesecakes for dessert.                                    candles, favors, bandanas, and more. Wraps were fare.

                                FALL  THEME                                                                                                       SPRING  THEME


             Purses were our theme and our lunch was packed in a                                     This was a Teddy Bear Picnic.  There were Texas spring

             purse.  We had  yogurt bars, sausage, & muffins. We                                      flowers on the table with Teddy Bears nestled in them.

             played a fun scavenger hunt in our own purses.                                                Each lady took home a bear, business cards, & a basket.