Entertaining creatively is an activity that I truly enjoy.  Below are photos from the monthly luncheons which I have

prepared for a group of church ladies.  In addition, I have a few pictures from other special gatherings.

Each luncheon or brunch  had a theme . Weather permitting, some were outdoor events.

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JANUARY  THEMES           


             Two soups were served and we made a dry soup mix                    Texas Sundaes were served.  The Sundaes were pulled pork

                     to take home.  Snowmen were the theme.                               cold slaw, & baked bean served in layers in a canning jar.


             This theme was White as Snow. Chili was served in                            This theme was angels.  The main entree was stroganoff

             bread bowls.  Jesus Lifesavers were passed out.                                  We learned Biblical truths about angels during lunch.



            Lunch in a box for Valentines.  We had heart-shaped                               This year our theme was places. For Valentine's, we were

                   sandwiches, truffles, and chips in the box.                                         in France for quiche. We had an activity with our lipstick shape.


             A Bing Cherry Turkey Salad was the main course.                                 Hearts and Roses was the theme.  Strawberries were

                  Red checked table runners added the color.                                            uses for the side dishes to the luncheon chicken.



            An Easter theme with salad and homemade chocolate                                Irish potatoes for a St. Patrick's theme, and Irish

                eggs.  Jesus jelly bean baskets were the favors.                                           Blessings were shared by those attending.


          Irish Blessing, potato soup, and mint pie, all                                                Every dish was either potatoes or green, for the Irish

                     made this a very Irish event.                                                                 theme.  Each found an Irish Blessing at her place.



               The theme was By the Sea.  Shrimp cocktail, shrimp                               Spring weather allowed for an outdoor lunch and Easter

               Creole, and a pineapple tropical dessert were served.                                         egg hunt.  Panini sandwiches were served.


The theme for this luncheon was April Showers....of Blessings.

Fortunately, there were no showers so we were able to lunch outdoors.



               We had a garden theme for this lunch. The entire meal                                 At the ballpark was the theme, with hotdogs, nachos,

               was served from a clay pot with carrot cake for dessert.                                  popcorn, peanuts, and apple pie for the food fare.


                Warm weather found us outside eating our meal from                                    The theme for this luncheon was May Flowers. Each

                soda cartons....wraps, veggies, and a candy bar.                                                    lady went home with a potted miniature rose.



                                                                   Fourth of July            Work Friends for Lunch          A Birthday Party




                This was my first luncheon for the ladies.  We had a Back                          Picnic in the Park was our there. We ate our lunch in the

                to School theme. Italian layered Sandwiches in a brown bag.                                       park from a decorated picnic sack.


               We were at the beach for this luncheon with salmon sandwiches,                       An Old World  Bistro lunch was provided....spaghetti,

                 condiments in a sand bucket, and a sandy beach dessert.                                   French Bread, Italian salad, and an Eclair Dessert.



                  Stew was the brew for this October lunch.                                                     This was an October Fest.  Pork Tenderloin, Red

                                                                                                                                            Cabbage, and German Sausage Soup were the fare.


                We had a fall fiesta for this luncheon with taco salad                                     King Ranch Chicken provided the main course with

                                           served in a taco shell.                                                                                              a fruit salad.



                          For this luncheon, we stuffed the tomato                                                 The theme here was " In the Cranberry Bog." Every

                     with turkey salad, instead of stuffing the turkey.                                         dish served had cranberries as one of its ingredients.


                  This was a patriotic Thanksgiving. The meal was                                           This luncheon was a reminder that we should have

                         served in red, white, & blue baskets.                                             "Buckets of Thanks."  We had a salad, pie, & roll in our baskets.



                    This was a traditional Christmas luncheon with a choice                        This was an Italian luncheon, with lasagna, Caesar salad,

                    of ham or turkey sandwiches and  Christmas trimmings.                        & spumoni ice cream. The stripes of the flag provided color.


                Everything at this luncheon centered around Ginger                                  For this luncheon, we had a Tex-Mex Theme.

                                     and Gingerbread men.                                                              Tex-Mex Chicken Casserole was the main course.