Upon completion of a project or class, awards or certificates are often awarded.  Accepting these

awards is optional. I usually only accept these if the assignment ranked high in challenge, fun, or

personal accomplishment.


  Certificates for Classes Completed








 Stepping Stones Through Paint Shop Pro

This is a well structured set of 125 lessons designed to teach the

methods of PSP. There are 5 levels of 25 lessons each.  A nice certificate is awarded

at the completion of each step. My  name for the class was Butterfly. Jewelsy was my

helpful moderator.






Certificates for Some Challenging Tutorials Completed



    Below are a few certificates for completing a few of the many seasonal contests

sponsored by the PIRC International Graphics' Board.  I was fortunate to

win a VAA painting class, taught by Sparrow, in the Valentine Contest.


A Personal Accomplishment,

My Published Book

Quips, Quotes, & Queries

This book was published by Teacher Created Materials in 2004.

This book is great  to use when teaching students creative thinking skills.



Another Personal Achievement

I was selected as Teacher of the Year for my school district in 1997. 

This was an exciting and rewarding accomplishment.